Britax-B Agile is a baby stroller that is well designed to move efficiently,offer comfort to the baby and also has aesthetics of beauty. Its movement is plain sailing and has the ability to open and fold in a jiffy just by snapping. It is basically designed for a 6 months old kid though it may be used for children of a lower age group if used as a safety seat in vehicles. It has a single foot brake for easy and in fast instants. The Britax-B Agile also has a large sun shade that shields the baby from excessive sun rays which gives the product a niche over the other products of the same function.

The item has numerous favorable characteristics that will make it very noticeable. It is very light since it weighs about 16 lbs which makes it very easy to maneuver with whenever and wherever you need to go. Its also very compact which reduces its space in terms of storage and mobility. The stroller is user friendly hence very easy for anyone to use it which makes it very preferable.
It has a comfortable handle bar and a good height that allows easy and enjoyable movement. The sunshade is easy to open and close and is well designed to allow for proper ventilation. Additionally, the stroller has the ability to hold a range of accessories that include pillow, organizer, mosquito net and many others.

The stroller however has a few limitations that need to be addressed. First, it has a handlebar that is fixed which makes it hard to make adjustments that suit the user. The Britax-B Agile also has an awkward shaped carriage basket that is not so pleasant to the eye. It also makes it hard for the user to keep their stuff without putting them in paper. The seat pad also has a very thin cladding. Even though its made of a soft material, its still not comfortable to the child. The adjustment knob also tends to press on the child.

I find the stroller good and would rate it highly. This is due to its compatibility and easy movements. It is well priced which is also a good feature. The maneuverability is high and it caters for all people hence its a pass on its side. Britax-B Agile scores highly in terms of safety since the breaks work at an instant. Important to mention is that the breaks apply to all the wheels which makes it safe for the child. The makers should however improve on some few features so as to make the product top notch. The carriage basket should be redesigned so as to improve on its beauty and ability to carry normal stuff.

The stroller is best suited for those who need to carry the stroller into constricted areas and in cars. Its short foot sprints make it the best when it comes to shopping. Hence it will be effective for shoppers. The stroller maneuvers well if its used in the right way and in the right terrain. For effective performance, It would be advisable to buy the accessories since they come separately. In conclusion, Its a good product worth buying.

Contours Options Lt Tandem Stroller Review

Contours Options Lt Tandem Stroller Review

Whether you are a first time parent or have been down this path before, the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. You want the best for your baby, and you want to make sure that every decision you make is the best choice to fit his or her needs. From diapers to bottles, every decision you make is of the utmost importance to you.

One item that is usually on the top of every expectant mom’s list is a stroller. After all, the right stroller makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your baby both happy and comfortable while feeling secure during everyday outings. You want to choose a stroller that works well for both infants and toddlers and is built durable to last.

The right stroller is also one that offers the kind of features that make life easier when you are out and about with your little one. And if you are expecting twins, or are in need of a stroller that can easily accommodate both an infant and a toddler then the Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller is not only a great choice, but a top pick with other parents as well.

The Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller offers many features that you wont find in other strollers. One neat feature is the fact that there are several different seating options for babies and toddlers. You can maneuver the seats so they face forward, face you, or even let them face each other. You can also seat them back to back.

If you have just one baby and are using just the front seat then the back seat works well for extra storage. Having so many seating options is especially helpful with fussy babies. Sometimes just a different change of scenery (such as turning them around to face you) makes all the difference in the world!

Other Features Include:

- Maximum comfort for babies. The Contours Options stroller is equipped with canopies, leg rests that can be easily adjusted and napper bars that are both removable and easy to rotate.

- Comes with an infant car seat adapter that works with several different brands of infant car seats.

- Easy to fold and unfold-a must have necessity when out and about little ones!

- Light, smooth and very easy to maneuver.

- Accommodates one or two children, up to 40 pounds each (total weight 80 pounds).

- Both seats offer a great view for babies to enjoy their surroundings.

- Adjustable safety harness (5-point) and infant headrest.

- Cup holder for parents and a must-have extra large storage basket (because when it comes to babies, moms and dads usually don’t travel light).

- Convenient auto-lock to keep stroller in place when folded. Stands up easily.

- Lightweight for easy portability (under 35 pounds)

Choosing the right stroller is important for both parent and child. After all, a stroller that is comfy and cozy will make your little one very happy, and one that is easy to maneuver and provides extra storage makes it easy for mom and dad as well. That’s why the Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller is a popular choice and highly rated as well.